Friday, December 28, 2007

The Year of Hank?

I have been transcribing today.  

I have wanted to add the tune "Remember" to my rep for sometime so I dug out Hank Mobley's record Soul Station as a reference.  I last transcribed some Hank several years ago and I still go back to those solos to mine material, but I haven't really been doing any deep listening to Hank in a while.  I forgot how BAD this cat was!!!  Crystal clear harmonic language, great sound and incredible time feel.  What started as just a reference for a tune I was learning has turned into a big transcription project.  I may just go down the track list on Soul Station - it's such an incredible record.  I try not to question these types of reactions - if Hank's playing is speaking to me so much right now, I need to mine that regardless of what I had planned for transcription/practice projects.  I have found that if I follow my passion it is easier to see a big project through.  Like Branford Marsalis said, "The Music tells you..."

Now I may have to buy this...

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