Monday, December 24, 2007


Like most who write and arrange as part of their creative life, deadlines are a fact of life for me.  I have just finished my last project of the year (ahead, but not by much, of the deadline).  An old teacher of mine told me once...I think he was quoting another writer but I don't remember, "The brain knows exactly how long any given task will take and it will not engage until the last possible moment."

My own experiences have held this to be a true axiom.  How do the enlightened ones do it? Does Mintzer struggle with this?  I have read a bit about Maria and it seems that she deals with this also.  Do we ever outgrow it?  Is it something that we need to outgrow?  I have heard of many of the heros speaking of their greatest work being written under the gun of a deadline.  
Deadlines or not, it feels good to finish the project...

On a different note, blogging is a new thing for me.  I have been reading blogs seriously for only a few months.  It seems like a wonderful way to share ideas and I'm looking forward  to that.  Please be patient with me as I "learn the ropes".

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