Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lee Konitz

Heard about this today thanks to Intervals, David Liebman's newsletter.

Andy Hamilton's new book on Lee Konitz looks like a must read.  Here is another sax player that I have always been aware of, his recording Motion continues to be in rotation at my house, but I have never checked him out in a really deep way.  Reading Lieb's review of the book sparked my interest a bit and I came across this.  I have heard discussion of  "The Ten Steps" but I have never seen it shown so clearly.  I like this approach because:

 - It is a very organic way to learn/develop a tune
 - It keeps the improviser's mind on the idea melody and melodic embellishment

In my own playing I have noticed a tendency to jump into the harmony and almost disregard the melody.   Writing has been a good antidote to this - I am focusing on constructing melodies rather than harmony for harmony's sake.  

This is something I love about music.  There is always a new inspiration.  I'll be looking to check out some more Lee...

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