Sunday, September 20, 2009

That Old Feelin'

Last week marked my first week as a Graduate Student in Jazz Studies at The University of Rhode Island.

It feels great to be back in school and I am working on some very interesting projects:

- A research project into Gil's writing that will culminate in 2 charts written in his style.
- A semester-long study of the saxophonist Warne Marsh (An Unsung Cat indeed).
- A Music "History" course on the 20th century. This is mostly 20th Century Classical, but I am already finding some interesting compositional techniques that I look forward to trying out.

Having some projects to do and some milestones to hit has done wonders for my motivation level, which has been sagging of late. I'll update how the projects are going. For now, here is a great clip of Warne's playing with Lee Konitz.