Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Project, Another Deadline

Today, I started sketching for my next writing project. This, in addition to Hank should keep me busy enough for the next couple of months to avoid constant blogging/blog reading.  There should be a disclaimer for newbies:  WARNING, this activity will most likely consume all of your free time.

The project is a commission (can you call it a commission if a friend hired you for it?) for a mixed woodwind piece.  The working title is Constants and Variables.  One compositional element (rhythm, pitches, pitch order, etc...) will remain constant throughout each movement.  It will also contain some improvisational elements.  As ear food, I have been checking out Elliot Carter's Eight Etudes and a Fantasy.  I am criminally ignorant of Carter's work but, based of the first few listenings of Fantasy, that will change immediately. 

Spent some more quality time with Hank this morning.  I could get used to this vacation stuff, but alas only a week left.

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