Thursday, January 3, 2008

Original Jazz Classics

One of my many gift card purchases arrived today.  The OJC 2003 remaster of Tom Harrell's Sail Away.  

Sail Away and Form were two of my favorite LPs when I was In college.  Great compositions, burning soloists (On Sail Away: Harrell of course, but also Lovano, Liebman, Abercrombie et al.) very nice small ensemble playing (use of backgrounds, sectional writing etc..).  The drag was that they belonged to one of my housemates and when we all went our separate ways, his records went with him.

Listening to this again was a great treat, especially now that I now own it.  Next I need to get Form...

Yesterday's post has sparked some great conversation.  I will have more thoughts along those lines soon...right now it's back to Tom...

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