Monday, January 7, 2008

Hexatonics? Is that an absinthe drink?

Things will be quiet here for a day or so as I prepare for my pilgrimage to Toronto, but watch this space as I will be blogging as coherently as two to three hours of sleep will allow from the IAJE International Conference beginning Wednesday.

Tonight though, I am already typing so...  The woodwind piece is beginning to take shape.  One movement is pretty much done and I have serious sketches for a second.  Elliot Carter's writing continues to influence the writing, but I have also been experimenting with some hexatonic structures.  Jerry Bergonzi's book Hexatonics is providing some great compositional raw material and I'm really curious about how it will translate to the "modern classical" vernacular.  I can honestly say that I don't know where this piece will end up but I'm really excited about it!  Of course, the piece will go into a holding pattern while I venture into the world of sleep deprivation.  Anyone have coffee recommendations in Toronto?  Please...

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