Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 3 Addendum -Lieb's hit

Ok, let me get this off my chest first...I will never understand why a group of people would stand in line for 45 minutes, pay $20.00 and TALK through most of the set!!!!!  Sorry, I'm ok.  And to be fair it was just one person...but COME ON!

Rant complete, as you were.

The hit was very powerful.  The quartet of Lieb, Mike Murley, Jim Vivian, and Ian Froman have recorded together (Day and Night  -Live at the Atlantic Jazz Festival) and their empathy was very evident tonight.  Lieb always moves me.  If you know me or have been reading this blog with any consistency, you know that he is a former teacher, huge influence, and guru.  His commitment and courage to follow what he hears is a model for all.  If it's possible, I think his soprano sound is even becoming MORE expressive.  What really knocked me out, though, was the rest of the group.  I gathered that the trio is Mike Murley's working trio but I'm not sure.  Ian Froman was the only name I was familiar with.  This group KILLED!!!  The sensitivity to every musical stimuli was a wonderful model for the many students in attendance and the communication between Froman and Vivian was almost telepathic.  Can I just say, Ian Froman, DAMN!  He and Lieb got into it a couple of times and there were times I had the same reaction that I have at the 4:50 mark on Afro Blue from Trane's Live at Birdland...glorious tension and release.  Great night!

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