Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Very Excited

Living where I do (Southeast Virginia), news sometimes takes awhile to filter down, especially compared to where I come from (in and around Chicago).  But...Ben Allison has a new record coming out in a couple of days!!!!  Ben had a nice feature this evening on NPR and that's how I heard about it.  

I really admire Ben as a musician.  His bass playing is second to none, but I especially respect his compositions and the aesthetic he brings to small group writing.  I first laid my ears on Buzz in 2004 it made a big impact on me.  I an almost embarrassed to say that up until that point, most of my small group listening had fallen into conventional paradigms - horn w/rhythm section.  There were exceptions but not enough to keep me from being very taken with Ben's compositional approach, orchestrational choices, and especially use of texture.  Prepared Piano!!!!

I still remember my first listen to Buzz.  The first track is called Respiration (also on his new record).  The texture of the the Wurlitzer, the counterpoint between the two tenors and bone were all very refreshing, and when "time" finally was NOT what I expected (Buzz, too.). His work with the Jazz Composer's Collective (1992-2005) was inspiring both musically and as an example of "making a scene"as well.

The street date is January 22nd.  

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