Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Sound

I am listening to Stan Getz.

Any time I put one of his records on my first thought is "why do I EVER listen to anyone else?!?!" Getz often gets "sorted" into kind of a holdover from the swing era - nothing could be further from the truth. His playing in the 80s right up until he passed (my favorite period, by the way) is as rhythmically, harmonically and sonically advanced and adventurous as anyone but to me, and unlike other adventurous players, Getz steeped everything through a deep well of swing and taste.

One of my favorite things about Stan's playing is what I call the sense of inevitability that his lines have. A great example of this can be heard on "Stan's Blues" from the album "But Beautiful" recorded with Bill Evans. He takes several unaccompanied choruses and EVERYTHING, time, harmony and melody is so clear that as I listen to it, my reaction is that there could be no other choice. His lines are THAT definitive. That kind of clarity is what I strive for every day.

I think I'll be listening to Stan for a while...

Here's a nice clip of Getz with musical soul-mate Kenny Barron:

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