Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Locals...

There is an interesting discussion going on over at A Blog Supreme dealing with "the great unknown" jazz artists. That is to say, the local cats on the scene who we don't see on the cover of Down Beat or hear at major festivals.

I've come across some VERY HEAVY local guys in my travels including the following, many of whom I've had the honor of collaborating and working with:

Hampton Roads, Virginia:

Jim Nesbit: Woodwinds
Eddie Williams: Saxophone
Roy Muth: Trumpet
Jackie Friend: Trumpet
Jimmy Masters: Bass
Chris Brydge: Bass
Howard Curtis (now in Austria): Drums
John Toomey: Piano

Naples Italy:

Giulio Martino: Saxophone
Tony Ronga: Bass

Chicago IL:

Jim Gailloreto: Saxophone
Ari Brown: Saxophone
Greg Fishman: Saxophone
Brad Wheeler: Saxophone
Karl Montzka: Piano
Eric Montzka: Drums
Dereck Polk: Bass
Tom Hipskind: Drums

Newport/Providence, RI:

Joe Parillo: Piano
Joe Potenza: Bass
Alex Chapman: Drums
Geno Rosati: Guitar

There are so many more, but these are some of my favorite folks to play with and listen to. We all know how important it is to support the local scene, who are some of the cats in your town?

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Andrew Francisco said...

Nice Blog!

Washington DC area -

Any of the military cats of course ...
Marty Nau: Sax
Robert Redd: Piano
Tommy Cecil: Bass
Allyn Johnson: Piano
Kris Funn: Bass
Quincy Phillips: Drums
John Kocur: Sax
Dave Detwiler: Trumpet
...many, many more...

Dallas/Fort Worth:

Jim Riggs: Sax
Marc Johnson: Bass
Ed Soph: Drums
Jiri Levicek: Piano
Mike Steinel: Trumpet
Chris McQueen: Guitar
John Murphy: Saxophone
Jason Levi: Trumpet
Matt Sawyer: Saxophone
Nick Wlodarczyk: Trombone
Carl Murr: Trombone
Tony Baker: Trombone
Clay Pritchard: Saxophone
Quamon Fowler: Saxophone
Stockton Helbing: Drums
...many, many, many, many more...

I could have just gone down my phone book and listed for hours hahaha.