Monday, July 14, 2008

This one time, at band camp...

First things first:  I had every intention of blogging from Jamey-land but as far as "madness" goes IJAE had nothing on Jamey's camp!  

I first went to this workshop about 20 years ago - give or take - when I was a high school student and the experience I had this time was very different.  I got to work with David Baker very closely for the week and the man is a bona-fide National Treasure.  His depth of knowledge, sense of history, and commitment to pedagogy is like no one I have ever worked with before.  The man is a walking history, harmony, composition and improvisation textbook. It is safe to say that I had a very meaningful experience and got a huge dose of inspiration.

Some other high points for me were:

Tim Armacost...Very deep player with a refreshingly organic approach to practicing and vocabulary development.

Ralph Bowen...Some very tangible processes for development of technique and amazing harmonic language

Marty Nau...Marty wasn't a faculty member (he should be!!).  He and I were in the same combo. If there is someone in the US with a deeper knowledge and command of  Phil Woods' conception I have never heard him/her.

I was really inspired by the range of ages and abilities here.  There was no vibe at all, everyone was very open and giving with their time and knowledge.  If you have ever considered this workshop...go!  It is worth EVERY penny.

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